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R Cat Communications

R Cat is dedicated to raising public, media, and record industry awareness of the huge diversity of excellent and commercially releasable music that is now available digitally online and from within the global artist community.

The company has grown in both size and popularity within a very short space of time to include International Online Music magazine (formerly Scout's Digest), the International Online Music Awards (IOMAs), R Cat Records, Music Publishing, and Films divisions; each engaged entirely in the active promotion of Online Music.

By establishing exciting business and promotional partnerships with leading digital music distibutors, industry innovators, and digital content management resources, R Cat's continued success is guaranteed and made even more beneficial to the artists and music the company shares an undeniably pure passion for.

International Online Music magazine

IOM magazine has quickly become one of the world's most popular and successful promotional resources for digitally distributed music and the artists that make it. With an average of over 25,000 visitors to the site each month, and an ever increasing artist repertoire, the magazine's global reach is quite phenomenal for the realtively short time since it was first published.

International Online Music Awards (IOMAs)

In March 2004, we established and hosted the world's first International Online Music Awards (IOMAs) where artists are given the opportunity to nominate other artists in an effort to show their support and appreciation.

The first event received a raptuous reception from the international digital music community with support from leading OMDs, Radio, and the many many excellent artists who submitted over 1,500 IOMA nominations. By contrast, the 2005 IOMAs attracted 2000 nominations within the first two days of being announced!

Nominations for the 2005 IOMAs began this year on October 1st with the awards event scheduled for January 1st 2005. This huge international event will be even bigger, brighter, and more spectacular with the addition of a further 20 awards categories (total 35), extended global media coverage, and with increasing music industry and community support! RSS Feed what is XML?

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